Saddlebag Mount Hack

I’ve been thinking about this one for awhile, and finally managed to get all of the hardware I needed.  Currently I have three Carradice bags: Barley, Pendle, and a Super C.  The Barley is pretty much assigned to the X Bike; and the Pendel has been my day trip bag for the Trucker.  I picked up the Super C used a few months back with the thoughts that it would be a good camping/touring addition.

To make things easy, I wanted some sort of quick release for swapping the bags on the Trucker, and I couldn’t see spending $50 – $80 for what Carradice offers.  This one has been floating around on the net for some time.  A simple double spring loaded clasp, a pair of small hose clamps, and two sets of D rings for each bag = $6.00.

The result is a nice little setup that allows removing and exchanging bags in about two minutes.  Here’s the Pendle:

The other thing you’ll note is that I mounted a second Nashbar front rack, only this time on the back.  This $15.00 extravagance replaces the $7.00 Midlands mount, but it accomodates the different sized bags better.  Snugging up the Carradice straps or toe straps around the upper plate secures them quite well, with no sagging or sway.  These racks are very cheap but highly functional alternatives to a pair of Nitto M-12’s that would run about $150.00.

Finally, here’s a shot of the Super C.  That’s an inexpensive tent that I’m considering using strapped to the top of it.  The Super C is an unusual shape…kind of like a brief case, so it tends to sit high.  That, with the tent on top, makes it a chore to swing my leg up over, so I’ll be playing around with a different mount by maybe folding the tent differently and getting a compression sack.  Or I might just spring for a better tent. 

The Big Agnes sleeping bag straps down well to the front rack, and the sleeping pad is tucked in one of the panniers.  There’s plenty of room left for clothes, cooking stuff, and food, along with the normal list of emergency tools and gear.


2 responses to “Saddlebag Mount Hack

  1. Very clever … seems like a similar solution might work on a handlebar bag. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks. It probably could be rigged up to work off the front. Another nice setup I’ve seen is where you put a second stem in place of the spacers, and then chop the ends off of an old set of handlebars. You then wrap the straps around the bar.

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