IMAG0005I was out and about last night for a combination of fitness/clear the head type ride.  My fitness is pretty low right now, so I was basically toodling about on some back roads.  I had just turned onto a hilly stretch when I detected a strange sound and was kind of “tuning” my ears to determine what kind of yard machine or power tool someone was using in the area.

Just then a roadie blew past me and revealed that the source of the strange sound was his bike.  I have no idea of the specific cause, maybe a bottom bracket, but I had to think that it would drive me crazy to have a rattle/screeching that loud.

Used to be I would give chase in such situations, but I am older and my trustee Trucker is too comfortable.  Right now it is sporting the ol’ Champion Flyer which I pulled from the parts bin and tightened considerably to take out much of the “hammock” effect.  With only short rides so far it is showing a lot of promise.

But even without giving chase, the squeaking roadie prompted me to pick up the pace a little.  After all, my goal is to build up some leg strength.  So the rest of the ride was probably in a gear a little too high and pushing the thighs harder on the hills.

Yes, I could feel “the burn”, but I could also feel the joy of cycling.  There is just something about getting out on a bike and working up a sweat that appeals to the human condition.  All is well with the world on this lovely evening.

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