Hanging Out

The chapter of our lives involving volleyball has concluded.  The final school match was last week for son# 2.  Long live volleyball and now long live the free time we are about to be blessed with each Spring.  It has been a wonderful experience; far better than most high school/college sports; and I would not trade it for the world.

003‘been taking some short rides here and there to build up some leg strength.

Yup – the bike is changed once again as I try to sort out the handlebars.  The VO Crazy bars are great, and sitting on the X bike.  The Alba’s are back on the Trucker; just because I like how they look.  Downside = not quite as comfortable and a lot more ghost shifting than the indexed pods, especially if I come up out of the saddle.

Saddle?  Hey, that’s a new B67 on there, which replaced a new VO synthetic touring saddle, which replaced an old B67!  And…as of today that old B67 is back on the bike.  I’m having some issues getting it just right.  I know what I want – a wide rear for the sit bones in an upright position, a narrow nose so the thighs don’t rub, and a level surface where the sit bones come in contact with no sagging.

Old B67 started sagging too much on the sides, mainly due to it being Pre-aged.  The VO was all but perfect – wide, level, and a wonderful suede finish so one doesn’t slide around.  But the nose was not narrow enough and the thigh rub was a deal breaker.  New B67 showed up after an especially good deal on Amazon.  It was working well until it started breaking in and now the nose, as you can see in the picture is angled up too high, thus causing some discomfort.

Last night I took the old B67 and tightened it and tied it tighter, and it at least looks good.  A longer ride will tell.  Option two is to tie off the new B67 to bring the middle back up.  Option 3 is to try a new Cambium C19, which appears to meet all of the criteria, but at a substantially higher price.  Option 4 is to go to China and have my own design built.

But it feels great to get out and ride!

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