Vacation is Over

So I’ve managed to ride more since Thanksgiving than I have in the four months previous.  Mainly I had to get into wood scrounging mode, along with some house/yard projects, along with life and job in general.

Almost all of the riding has been at night, thus no pictures.  and it’s been chilly…no…downright cold at times.  Still, I find myself overdressing, usually the result of wearing a thin wool layer covered by my down sweater.  Until it gets below freezing, or I get covered in sweat, the down is just too warm.  I have to rethink my clothing/temperature chart once it gets below 40F.

The tinkering has not stopped.  On the Trucker I got the Crazy Bars dialed in nicely with a taller stem, and the shifting got much better after I took apart the pods and sprayed some Teflon in the works.  The bike is my steady traveler.

As for the X bike, which has been logging most of the miles recently, it has once again undergone a transformation.  Its back to the Albatross bars, but with a longer and slightly higher stem that used to be on the Trucker.  That seems to have made the difference, because the cockpit is much more comfortable.  I’m fiddling with saddles, Brooks v. Selle; and the headlamp has been upgraded to a B&M Cyo Premium.  The light will most likely be the subject of its own post, but I’ll just tease with saying that the beam is wider, smoother, and brighter (80 lux v. 60).  Its actually a better beam than the Luxos on the Trucker.  I managed to pick it up for an incredible price on-line, and then got a good price on the Cyo Plus that it replaced.

So as time permits I’ll try to get a few more posts and some pics up.  The weather, while nippy, has been dry and the backroads lead for some beautiful night rides.

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