The Bar Has Been Raised

IMAG0001Sucky weather all weekend meant no real riding to speak of, but drinking coffee, doing some cleaning, and laying about watching movies.  We got some dark roast beans and I put the grinder to work.  I now know what all of the excitement is about.  Clearly the best cuppa joe I’ve ever had.  The house smelled so good even Red came out to the kitchen and took a sip, and she’s a tea drinker.

It must be good, because both days I skipped my afternoon power naps.

One response to “The Bar Has Been Raised

  1. We had a young couple staying with us a couple of years ago. He was from Italy and a boat captain/gourmet cook. A couple of days into their stay they woke a little earlier and saw me grinding the coffee beans. “Ah, that-a explains-a why-a the coffee is so-a good”, he remarked. Of course most words ended with the letter “a” as all Italians are taught when they speak English.

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