I’m a little perplexed.

After last Saturday’s ride and the shoulder/neck pain that I suffered after 50 miles, I decided that it would be good to switch to the Trucker for a few rides with an upright position.  The Trucker has seen very little miles thus far this season.

Wow.  I did tweak the saddle a little, but the difference in overall comfort is incredible.  I suddenly remembered why I love this bike so much, and now I’m wrestling with whether to continue with the X bike, or the Trucker, on my quest for a century.  The Trucker is heavy and I can easily feel the weight difference, but it also demands a different riding style, ie: less agressive, lower gears.

Another big difference is the tires and how they eat up the bumps.  The X bike is fitted with 32c Vittorias while the Trucker has the 40c Little Big Bens.  The difference is so evident that it has to have an effect on comfort over the long haul.  Very soon I plan to switch wheelsets and see how it changes the X bike’s ride.

Finally is the Highway One drops v. the Albatross.  If I can strengthen my core and neck muscles to tolerate the “tuck” better over distance, then I’ll be OK.  Otherwise, the Trucker wins for comfort hands down.  And….would having smoother tires relieve some of that pressure once they were switched to the X bike?

The Alba’s are not perfect.  I look at my hand angles while riding and I think I would prefer bars with the grips angled out another 10-15 degrees.  Bars like that are common, but then they don’t accomodate barcon shifters and I’m not crazy about “thumbies.”

I intend to play around with different setups because that’s what I like to do, but it will be interesting trying to find the right combination of parts and measurements to get the perfect distance machine.  It will be ironic if it ends up being the trusted ol’ Trucker.



3 responses to “Decisions…

  1. Trucker. Drops, but shallow and raise ’em a bit. Treat yourself to a set if lightweight (not skinny–just light) tires. I’ve been getting to know my Trucker again since I started commuting on it this year and remembered how much I loved that bike before I started cheating on it.

    • thanks Dave. After pondering this alot last night, I’m leaning towards focusing on the Trucker for the longer rides. I’ll probably go in a different direction than the drop bars because its a big frame. That leaves the X bike for shorter, faster fitness rides, although there is a part of me that’s considering just replacing it with a fat bike.
      Of course, this could all change by this afternoon…

  2. yeah, I’ve had a lot of fun buying/building different bikes over the years but it really didn’t make that big a difference in my speed. I’ve ridden one of the rambles (pancake interception) 5 times on different bikes at different fitness and my mph average was no more than 1.5 different on any of them. If it fits, maybe get some lighter wheels/tires, but focus on the engine. And moustache bars. Can’t remember if you’ve tried them but they’re great for more hand positions without the drops. BTW, the Rando Ramble is heading back to D.C. at the end of summer. That’d be a good first century for you. The truckers could finally meet…

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