This father’s day brought two interesting gifts that will definitely become part of the camping kit:IMAG0001The little guy on the left is a miniature French Press.  The bottom is a screened cup that screws into the top.  The grind goes in the cup, and then everything is dropped into a mug of hot water.  After four minutes, you hit the plunger and your cuppa is ready.  I tried it once with some terrible canned grounds, and it came out weak.  Still, it cleaned up easily.  I’m hoping that with some better coffee it will work better as well.  I have to admit that I’ve never seen one like this before – it will probably replace the little drip through system I have.

On the right is a bean grinder.  It opens up to allow storing beans in the bottom as well as catching the grind, the handle comes off easily for storage, and the ceramic grinding disk is adjustable for the grind.  And its designed to nest inside of an Aeropress for compactness.  I can’t wait to get some decent beans and try it out!

2 responses to “Caffeination

  1. I have that same grinder. I love it. It’s a little fiddly to set the coarseness of the grind, but once you set it, you generally don’t have to mess with it.

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