It wasn’t until I got to Boiling Springs that I settled on riding into Carlisle to see how the bike lanes were doing.  Up to that point I had been waffling between Pine Grove Furnace and Kings Gap.  All three were longish choices, but on this perfect morning any one of them could do no wrong.

'dems some big horns, ladies.

‘dems some big horns, ladies.

Around mile 45 my shoulders really started to ache.  Everything else about the ride was great, but I just don’t yet have the neck strength to tolerate the drop bars on a longer ride.  I might switch to the LHT for a bit, which I should do anyway since this poor bike has been all but ignored this year.

I love steam trains, and the PRR is one of my many interests.  This sight capped off a great ride!

Williams Grove engine

Williams Grove engine

IMAG0011Near the end my legs were toast, but that was my fault – the X bike just beckons to be ridden faster than common sense dictates for a long tour.

I think my next longer ride will continue west…

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