Hills…and more Hills

Southeast, down along the river on a hot morning.  Mostly downhill on newly paved roads.  Even Gut Road, which used to have a “Travel at your own risk” sign now has a coat of chipseal.IMAG0004The road turns and the only way out is up.  Steadily grind up out of the river basin into central York County.  Up to Starview, appropriately named.  Over to Rudy Park and then head for home.IMAG0005Hot, but overcast, so the sun is not too harsh.  In to Strinestown, which is having a yardsale extravaganza.  One church has a band of ancient accordianists wearing flag draped shirts while the other is having a funeral.

Then down to the Conewago and then the climb of climbs.  I even hiked for a couple of minutes just to stretch and give my bumm some air.

Steamy summer hills.  Glorious.

2 responses to “Hills…and more Hills

  1. Flag draped accordion players could have been an award winning photo.

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