In trying to get up some longer miles, this past Saturday called for a ride out to Lattimore Park.  The route is a mix of hills and flats, with great scenery.

Adams County, "Twin Peaks Hill"

Adams County, “Twin Peaks Hill”

The temperature was nice, slightly overcast, but the winds picked up pretty good.  The home leg was into a stiff headwind, but I wasn’t going to let that get me down mentally.

Not far from the house I spotted a touring rig.  We waved but didn’t stop because he was blasting down a hill as I was grinding up.  Not sure, but it looked like a front loaded LHT.IMAG0011Once at the park I meandered over to the raceway and stretched my legs.  They are definitely letting me know about the ramped up miles and how I should probably have a better base.IMAG0013On the way out I heard a loud pop and realized that a spoke had broken.  Its always this particular wheel.  Fortunately the wheel wasn’t too far out of true or rubbing.

Eight miles from home I start feeling it in my legs and also my neck.  I’ve still got to get comfortable with the drop bars on the longer rides.  My legs felt tired, but not any pain.  My butt was fine and my arms/hands were good.

Beautiful morning for a ride.  Probably bit off more than I should have, but that’s par for the course.

2 responses to “Lattimore

  1. It was cool and overcast every day we were on tour. We drove back to New England in warm sunshine. On the day we decided to bike Martha’s Vinyard, it got cloudy and cool again. Brandon is flying home today and it’s 80 with bright sunshine.
    Last time he came home, we got nine feet of snow. He is definitely straining his welcome here.

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