After four attempts to find a front derailleur that allows sufficent clearance for fenders and/or knobbies on the X bike, I finally found a low budget Shimano unit that fits the bill.  It still required a little Dremel work to shave away part of the swing arm so the works would reach all the way out to the big ring, but now we’re good.IMAG0006In the process, I probably learned more about front derailleurs than I ever wanted to, but them’s the breaks.  Of the four, I found the bottom-pull, low clamp to be the smoothest and most forgiving by far; but also having the least amount of clearance.  If I ever get a bike with really long chainstays, that’s the way to go.

Other than all of this, I’m also dealing with a minor issue where the crank bolt is working loose every so often.  The first hint is not being able to shift into the big ring.  I’m thinking some blue Loc-tite might be the answer.

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