Miles up, but no pictures.  Not sure why, but I just haven’t been inclined to stop to records rides.  Did get over to Dillsburg on Monday for a beautiful ride while everyone was getting ready for the parade.  Good thing the coffee shop was closed or I’d still be there.

My mind wonders on long rides, and I think about other bikes.  I’d like to try low trail.  My options: 1. purchase a Soma Champs Elysess fork and install it on the X bike, 2. purchase a Soma Grand Randonneur and experience the whole 650B thing plus have a frame built heavy enough for  a camping load, plus be able to move alot of parts over from current bikes,  and 3.  continue to lust over an Elephant National Forest Explorer, which appears to be the only low trail bike made with disk brakes, and allows big honkin tires.

Thinkin happy thoughts!

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