Wonderful weekend morning called for a ride in the country before the heat came up and the lawn cried out for mowing.  Hills, flats, bigger hills, a lake or two.  Right turn to head home or left turn to explore a little further (left of course).IMAG0003Kayakers, fishermen; and sailboats preparing for an afternoon regatta.  A few moments later there was a hint of ripples on the water.  The wind would be up within twenty minutes.

IMAG0006The summer heat draws flies, so the horses get masks for protection.  Looks like one has found some greener grass.

Throughout the weekend there was tweaking on the whole fleet: inflating tires, calibrating computers, etc….  The X bike is nice because it’s quick, but a short toodle up the street on the LHT reminded me that I have to plan an adventure soon.

4 responses to “Contentment

  1. Brandon and I may stop for lunch or dinner at the brew pub after our tour around the 8th or 9th. I’ll be in touch to see if you want to join us for a burger and a beeyah.

  2. Can you tell us a bit more about your new bars now that you’ve had them on for a few miles? I too suffer from conventional drop and run old school randonneur bars. They aren’t perfect but my hands rarely go numb with them. I have thought a few times of switching to shallow/wide drops but haven’t taken the plunge.

    • John,

      These are the Highway One bars from Soma. They are the only “short and shallow” bar that I could get with the smaller clamp diameter, anodized black, and at 46cm, which is my sweet spot.
      I find them more comfortable than the CX drop bars that I had previously. I believe that it is a combination of a slightly shorter reach along with the better ergonomic shape of the newer brake hoods. My wrists seem to rest easier in the “beefier” hoods than before. I also find myself getting into the drops more on fast downhills, which I rarely did.
      So far, my longest ride is just over 20 miles, so some longer distance is still needed to test hand numbness and neck comfort; plus I need to slow down the pace to go out further.
      I really want to like these bars and ride with drop bars more, but by the same token, I don’t want to sacrifice the comfort that would take away from the enjoyment of the ride. So far, so good.

  3. Great! Thank you!

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