Trying a New FD

Some time ago I picked up a new front derailleur for the X bike, thinking that the low clamp design would give me a little more room to work with the fenders and bigger tires.  What I discovered was the exact opposite, where by having the hinge mechanism behind the works actually leaves less room around the chainstays.IMAG0003Still, I haven’t been altogether happy with the shifting on this bike, so I decided to switch some things around to see what the results would be.  Mounting the unit itself was fairly simple, although I had to refresh my memory on how to unhook the masterlink.  I was still able to squeeze the Jumpstop in below the clamp.

I had to get a little creative with the fender because the hinge covers up the lower chainstay bridge.  With a little metal work and drilling a small hole into the seat tube, you can see that the whole works is lifted slightly, which gives a few more inches of coverage in the rear.

There is a definite improvement with shifting – smoother and more precise.  The derailleur does not hesitate to seat the chain on any of the rings.

My concern is the clearance.  This eliminates the option of running the knobbies.  This may or may not be a problem, because I’m giving some thought to getting a 650b based bike, and my first move might be to squeeze some rims onto this frame – but that’s for another post.

Last night was gorgeous, so the X bike took me out to the Yellow Breeches on a long, yet fast ride.  Despite the new hardware, I opted to come out of the saddle rather than downshift, and this morning my legs are paying the price.  So sweet is the pleasure after pain.


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