Not Pretty, But It Works

After giving thought to switching the Luxos to the X bike since that rig will be ridden more after dark, I was still faced with the desire to have a USB charging port on the LHT.  It seems frivolous, but once you’ve had this luxury, it becomes addictive.  I run the GPS unit alot, moreso as a bike computer after dark, but it also does great to charge up the phone or any other electronics I happen to be travelling with.IMAG0003Another Luxos would be heaven, but until I find a used one at a great price, I decided to explore some of the other options.  This is a German Re-volt.  With the help of Google translator I was able to discern that it would meet my needs for a reasonable price.  Originally it was planned to mount it on the stem, but the lack of a cache battery forced some McGyver like changes where it now resides in the bottom of the lunchbox.

The wire on the right is coming off the dynamo.  The wire in the middle goes to the lighting system, and the wire on the left, which is the USB jockey, goes into a small rechargable Li-on battery.  What you don’t see is the full USB port on the battery that then goes to the electronic device.  There are lights on the Re-volt to indicate input power and the output path, along with a button for routing.  And its all held together with electrical tape.

The build quality isn’t anywhere near B&M, but you get what you pay for.  I was mainly interested in the circuitry to make sure that it would charge at a high rate.  The unit also came with a basic bottle dynamo, so that may end up on another bike at some point just to play.


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