Just Right

‘getting in some short rides here and there as time allows.  Primarily dialing in the X bike and the saddle tilt.  Its amazing how a smidgeon can make a big difference in comfort.  Conventional wisdom says that the saddle should be level, but level is a relative term where a broken in Brooks is concerned.

I think I finally got it just right last night, at least that what my bumm was telling me.  A longer ride or two should confirm it.

I’m also adapting back to the drop bars.  Overall I feel pretty confident that it will work out, but much like the saddle, I think its going to take a few more rides to feel just right.


One response to “Just Right

  1. Still having to work for a living really screws things up. Retirement on the other hand makes life feel like eating a York Peppermint Patty.

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