X Bike 2015

IMAG0026A little more wrenching, swapping out the knobbies for the Vittoria’s, fenders, and switching some lights around; and we’re done…for now.  After a short ride last night, there are still some saddle adjustments to make, but we’re close.

IMAG0038Two significant changes are the mini-V brakes and moving the Luxos over from the LHT.

The new brakes are intended to provide the stopping power of V’s with a drop bar configuration.  I’ve never been impressed with canti’s, and wasn’t sure about the whole short pull v. long pull thing.  The result is mini-V brakes with Kool Stop pads, long pull levers, and short pull interupters.  There is still some dialing in to do (I suspect too much toe-in), but so far there is decent stopping power with no chatter or squealing.

As for lighting, my logic is that this will be my night-riding/fitness bike, probably running a few mph faster than the LHT, which is my errand/touring bike.  So this machine gets the better lighting.  The Luxos also allows me to run the charger for the GPS, although I have a charger coming for the LHT as well.

There is still more riding to do, but so far so good.


One response to “X Bike 2015

  1. She looks like a great touring bike.

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