Teaser Photos

IMAG0021Over the winter I usually spend a good deal of time and thought about bike/camping gear, and any changes that might take place for the coming season.  This past winter, and I’m not sure why, I got to thinking about goals and how to get there.

I’ve never ridden a full century even though it’s been on my list for years.  And to do so, I realize that it probably won’t happen toodling around on the LHT.  It most likely is going to be a lighter bike, yet comfortable, and more “race” configured.

It’s no secret that drop bars and me don’t get along, but I decided to try a pair of “short and shallow” bars, and liked them.  Of the choices available, I went with the Soma Highway One 46mm model.  The cockpit is more compact, and some new brake levers increase the wrist comfort as well.  They are Tektro long pulls, and the interupters are the Cane Creeks that I’ve had for years.  The brakes have been changed to Tektro mini-V’s with pulleys replacing the noodles, and the pads have been upgraded to Kool Stops.

The pic above is “Version 1.”  To be in fashion, I’ll describe it as a Gravel Grinder, even though I’m not entirely sure what that means.  The truth is, I don’t think I’ll be using this version very much.  The frame is a little too tight around these tires, especially at the fork crown, and the new mini-V’s only allow about 1/2 inch of clearance for the cables.  But these tires just seem to float over potholes.  I believe something like a Cross Check would be a better frame, with a little more room for these wheels.

IMAG0025Within the next few days the bike will be shod with the Vittoria Randoneurs and a pair of fenders for a little speedier kit, but these knobbies will be close at hand if I decide a little dirt riding is in order.  I already figured out a mirror mount, and the only thing left is to come up with a USB charger to run off of the dynamo since my Plug is toast.

This could end up being my main ride for 2015.  More pics to come.


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