Not Dead Yet

I was hoping to actually have a ride or two to post about, but Pennsylvania continues with it’s annual pattern of icy winters right into wet springs.  Before I could hit the roads, volleyball season showed up and has co-opted all of my time.  For instance, this week we have four days/evenings committed, which included one trip to Huntingdon and an all day tourney tomorrow.  Next week is three evening away matches followed by a weekend tournament back in Huntingdon.

Still, the boys are doing well and I enjoy the competition.  Time should be back on my side by the end of April although I’ve committed to scrounging firewood a little earlier this year.

As far as biking goes, there is a pile of new and used parts on the workbench waiting for me to tear into the X bike once again.  With cards close to chest, I’ll just say I’ve set some goals for myself and I feel that some modifications are in order for at least one of those goals.  The big reveal will come once I’ve had a chance to put everything together and take some pics.  It’s not really that big of a deal, but I have to write about something.

There aren’t going to be any large purchases anytime soon, but I have been fantasizing about upgrading the fleet, so I might as well do my semi-annual bikey wish list real quick:

Surly ECR with two wheel sets to function as an adventure tourer and a road tourer.  Jim Thill wrote a post on multiple wheelsets some time ago that included this ECR with the standard Knards and then a set of 38cc’s.

ECR with 700 x 38

After staring at it for a bit, it just really caught my imagination as coming close to a do anything bike.  The rear spacing is 135mm, so the second set of wheels would not be that pricey.  What I would want to do, though, is have dyno hubs on both, which would mean at least rebuilding the stock front.  Unfortunately I could not use any current wheels because of the disk brakes.

Velo Orange Pass Hunter:  I don’t know why, but I’m just in the mood to own a go fast bike, but yet still capable of carrying stuff.  The VO would allow me to move almost everything over from the X bike (with a few upgrades), go back to the 32c Vittorias, and blast around the neighborhood.

It would also give me a bike with low trail, which I’m really eager to try.

Speaking of low trail, I periodically lurk over at the Rawland Google Group, and found that they are getting ready to realease the Raven.  For as contraversial as this beast is with the 26″ wheels set up for 55c tires, I kind of like it…and I’m not even into gravel riding.  It might even be my top pick for a do everything bike.

Ahh well.  Hopefully my next post will provide a little more adventure, but that’s where we are right now.  See you on the road, or in the woods, or on the trail…



2 responses to “Not Dead Yet

  1. I’ll be passing through Harrisburg in June again with #3 son. Maybe we can meet up again for a beer or two and dinner on me this time.

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