Java Snob


Who would have dreamed that a guy who used to drink firehouse coffee is now sippin away each morning on a cup of Aeropress.  It seems like only yesterday I was blown away by a cup of french press roast.

For the guy who has everything, I let it be known that an Aeropress would be welcome under the tree this year.  Sure enough, my first cuppa was on Christmas day.  I have to admit, I now understand what all of the fuss is about.

Using just a regular roast, it’s very smooth with no bitterness; and bonus points for being both fast, easy, and a quick clean-up.  My next thought is to find some upscale grind and run it through to see how it tastes.  I’m hoping I can resist the temptation to start my own roasting and grinding…


7 responses to “Java Snob

  1. I grind coffee beans every morning. A local brand, 8 O clock coffee. I do carry a french press on my bike tours and have been know to find a spot in the middle of the day and brew a cup or two.

    • John, I have a press set up with my Primus pot, but it’s a pain to clean and also still cook with the pot if its committed to coffee. Last fall I bought a cheap pour through setup but haven’t used it yet when I got the titanium cookset. Now I’m conflicted with the idea of taking the Aeropress along since the brew is so good and it only uses a pot for hot water. Kind of counter to lightening the load…

  2. Now I’m doubly curious to try the aeropress! From someone who’s tried every other coffee gadget out there, a good grinder would be your next splurge item. If my wife made me get rid of all but one of my coffee toys for some reason, my rancilio rocky would be the keeper. Roasting is a lot of fun, but WAY more trouble than it’s worth if you’ve got a good coffee shop near by to get fresh beans from.

    • Dave, There is a restaurant in our area that I saw offers Aeropressed coffee – perhaps there is one in your area. I think I’ll be buying some fresh roasted beans from a shop near where I work called Little Amps. They do their own roasting and everyone raves about the brew. My wife wants me to try her electric grinder that she has for baking (grinds up nuts).
      Anyway, if you get a chance, try it out.

      • very cool, I’ll definitely be putting that on my wish list. If you’ve got a good shop, ask them for advice and/or if they can grind it for you. The quality of the grind is a huge part and sometimes the oils in the bean can get scorched by home grinders. They’ll be able to tell you better than I can with my non-professional ‘coffee-fan talk’…

  3. I have questions for your. Brandon and I are doing the GAP this June. Do you have any info on renting a bike and getting transportation from Cumberland to Pittsburgh?

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