More HIIT Observations

Several weeks back I switched my High Intensity Interval Training protocol to 8 seconds of work and 12 seconds of rest.  It calls for working at 90% maximum heartrate and resting at 80.  Right now I’m up to three 8 minute workouts a week, and guessing about my heartrate based on perceived effort.

Since I no longer have a working heart rate monitor, I was searching the ‘net and discovered that there are now bluetooth driven apps that let you record heartrate if you buy the appropriate monitor, as well as neat little apps where you can put your finger over the camera lens and it takes your pulse.

Using the latter on my tablet, I recorded a resting pulse of 46.  This is in the middle of the day, after two cups of coffee.  In November, the PA at the doctor’s office recorded my resting pulse at 58.  In my rowing days, when in really good shape, my resting pulse could get into the mid to high 30’s, so that much of a change in this short of time has me curious.

On top of that, yesterday I had the Trucker out just to check it out and toodle up and down the street.  It’s purely an observation, but I rode up the street (a slight incline) in a bigger gear and noted my legs not getting fatigued; nor did I feel winded.

So this has me thinking that HIIT is having a positive effect on my aerobic capacity, but I need to verify it with a longer ride.  In fact, this has me pretty stoked.

There still is no weight loss, but I’m thinking that first the holidays have me eating too much sugar; and second, my weight training is keeping my appetite higher than I should expect if just doing HIIT alone.


2 responses to “More HIIT Observations

  1. Doc. I would highly recommend you attend a couple of Food Addicts meetings in your area. It’s a pretty crazy cult similar to AA. Actually they pretty much are AA, but for food. They have a good system for rapid, health weight loss. The downside is the AA stuff, but putting up with that for a month or so, is well worth your time.

  2. We did a version of HIIT in the military (before it was called HIIT). It built strength quickly, endurance over time, but didn’t do much for me weight-loss wise either. For weight loss, the best exercise regime I’ve found is to take a 500+ mile (two week) bike tour with daily mileages 40+. Second best for weight loss was long (5+ miles) runs 3-4 times per week. Something about the long-distances kicks in my body’s fat burning mechanism. YMMV – but good luck regardless!

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