Lightening the Load

No riding to brag about lately.  Any free time I have is pretty much focused on firewood, and I’m still way behind.  But that’s not to say that I haven’t been dreaming.

I decided to sell off the Primus Eta Packlite since it is a bit large for just one person and I haven’t been using it much.  Instead, I put together a small titanium kit with a canister mounted burner.

The best deal on titanium pots seems to be Toaks, plus they provided excellent service and fast delivery.  The stove is a Chinese knockoff of the Pocket Rocket for $10, plus another $9 for the base.  Thrown in some folding stainless utensils for another $6 and we’re good.





The Kitchen: 900 pot, 450 mug, 300 bowl.  Stainless utensils, canister stove, Esbit stove.

The Kitchen: 900 pot, 450 mug, 300 bowl. Stainless utensils, canister stove, Esbit stove.


The yellow on the mug is a Snow Peak “Hotlip” – nothing more than a piece of silicone to save from burning your mouth since ti transmits heat so easily.  The orange band on the bowl is the same, only from Toaks.  Based on some internet advice, I also added strips of fuel line tubing to cover the handles on the pot and mug.

The weight difference is pretty noticeable, although I don’t have any figures.  The whole kit also takes up a lot less space.

For coffee I had been using a LiTech pot with a press adapter, but honestly, cleaning that in the field is a pain; plus the pot gets committed to coffee while I have to wait to heat water or anything else.  I’ve decided to go with a small pour over system for now which should be good enough.  Looking at two extremes, I always have the Via packs if I need to go ultralight, and I’m curious about the Aeropress.   Decisions, decisions….


2 responses to “Lightening the Load

  1. I’m a minimalist when it comes to stove, utensils, pot. Like you I’ve honed it over the years. For coffee I use a filter that sits inside the mug (comes with a lid to retain heat). It’s very lightweight. The stainless steel pot is both mug and bowl. Here’s my set up. Scroll to end of post.

    • Annie, that’s a nice little setup. I’m hoping the larger pot and a stove that can simmer will still allow for me to cook beyond dehydrated meals. Fellow camper Sloth is always coming up with fancier dishes (beans and rice, eggs and bacon) on our trips and he is usually using just a Ti pot with an Esbit.
      For coffee I ordered a pack of filter bags that you suspend over the mug on a single shaft, like a chopstick. Put your grounds in the bag, pour through, and let steep for a minute or two. Should work fine.
      I’ve yet to work out a wind screen. I have a simple piece of folded foil for the Esbit, but need something bigger for the canister arrangement. thx.

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