Stony Creek

??????????????It’s been years, so carving out the better part of the day and riding back to the reservior seemed appropriate.  Honestly, the access road to the trail head is rougher than the trail, but the trail wasn’t much better.  It’s become quite rough over the years; too rough for the LHT to navigate.

On top of that, I came across a Guard unit grading and dumping stone in parts.  I’m sure it will be nice in a month or two after some rain has settled it, but this day if the trail was not bumpy, it was a muddy slog.  That made for a tedious 40 miles for someone not used to trail riding.

But the scenery makes up for it.  Other than the construction in parts, there wasn’t a lot of activity.IMAG0005IMAG0007IMAG0010 IMAG0011

One of the culprits

One of the culprits

Good excuse for knobby tires

Good excuse for knobby tires

Meadow on a side trail - always looking for stealth camping spots...

Meadow on a side trail – always looking for stealth camping spots…


Goal achieved = tranquility

Goal achieved = tranquility

Happy camper

Happy camper


6 responses to “Stony Creek

  1. Unpaved surfaces can make things difficult. One thing for sure is that we can’t be in a hurry. Actually, if we are in a hurry we shouldn’t be on a bike. (Hammerheads excluded of course).

    • I did pass a guy on a cyclocross bike headed the other way just before the muddy parts. He was moving pretty well, but I’m not sure how he made out.

  2. Where is Stony Creek reservoir? I would like to check this out some weekend this fall on my mountain bike. I have a rack on it capable of carrying all the necessaries for a cup-a-joe….or two.

    • Jon, Go up 322 and take the first exit for Dauphin. Follow the road along the stream back several miles to the trail head in the State Game Lands. The reservior is around 19 miles in, with plenty of side trails to explore. There is also an intersection with the AT.

  3. Got it! Thank you!

  4. Hay happy camper , I love your bicycle !! he heee “One of the culprits” Rood !!!

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