Taking a Break

There always seem reasons not to ride, which I work hard to overcome.  But this summer, this year for that matter, has been chocked full of activities and responsibilities that have just sucked up my time and energy.  On top of that, I just haven’t been inspired to blog much, and have been thinking about changing up the format.

I still have a job, although it’s permanancy has yet to be decided.  It’s going well and I’m settled in, but if it does go south, it benefits not to be using a lot of vacation right now.  We did take a week and go to the beach, but it was Myrtle Beach, which is notoriously bad for biking.

All three kids are home, so there is usually something going on that keeps us busy.  Plus, I’m just trying to stay on top of some house projects as best I can.

The bikes have not been ignored, but there haven’t been too many epic rides.  Mentally I’m focused on the cooler weather of September and October for some S24Os.  Fingers crossed.

There is a new bike in the house…a stationary spinning bike that I’m using as part of HIIT training.  High Intensity Interval Training is my latest fad, again being sold by Michael Mosely.  Without going into great detail, it amounts to short intervals (20 seconds) of all out work with rest in between, for a total of 3 minutes of exercise a week – yep, 3 minutes.  All I’ll say is that I’m usually sore the next day, and I noticed some improvement on my hill climbing on the “real” bike already.  Intervals were part of my rowing training years ago, and it was usually necessary to get in good shape before those sessions, which would then get me in great shape.

I’m still doing the weight training, and am pleased that my shoulder issues seem to be under control.  I’ll probably take a few months off to focus on firewood cutting real soon.

Elsewhere, I’ve been reading alot this summer… a little bit of everything and even going back and re-reading some books I previously enjoyed.  When in doubt, pick up a book.

Misc. Miles: 32.2  2014: 444.8


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