Ride Report: 07.12.14

Another beautiful Saturday morning.  Of course I got a late start, at least later than planned, due to sitting around drinking coffee and surfing the net.

Eventually I took off for Boiling Springs with the thought of sitting on a bench and reading for a bit.  I also had it in my mind that I just wanted to see other bikers this morning as well – ‘not sure why.  The Boiling Springs route is always guaranteed to produce quite a few roadies, especially on the weekend.

Sure enough, once I got over to Williams Grove they were out and about.  Plenty of waves and smiles, but a few who were busy matching their own pace to the Tour leg for the day.

??????????????Boiling Springs was perfect.  I sat on a bench and people watched for a spell, then I read a few chapters of The Perfect Mile, which I’m re-reading.  Great stuff and I sat for too long enjoying the morning.

My trip back was uneventful until I got to the corner of Gettysburg and Grantham.  A woman came around the corner in her car, on her cell phone, and shouted to me: “You better move on, there’s a black bear right over here coming this way.”

…like I’m going to move on from that…

I rode through the intersection and pulled out the camera.  Another car came around slowly and blocked my view just as he came through the bushes onto the roadway.  I got a glimpse of his shoulder and side, but couldn’t tell if he crossed or was scared back by the cars sitting there.  He was big, and I was impressed by how clean and shiny his coat was.  This guy was far cleaner than any black bear I’ve seen, either stuffed or in captivity.

There were news reports all weekend of this wayward bear, and that was my big excitement for the weekend.

Coming back in Siddonsburg Road, with a bit more light this time, I stopped to snap this pic of the root ball that I mentioned previously.  It’s just unusual to see one this big:??????????????Homeward bound.  Another near perfect ride.

Misc. Miles: 2

Distance: 38.5  2014: 412.6


2 responses to “Ride Report: 07.12.14

  1. I started reading your blog after searching for local routes to ride and really like it. Thanks to you for giving us “unracers” yet another voice.

    I live in Dillsburg and frequently ride this area and to the south so I hope our paths cross sometime. Look for an old red Bridgestone touring bike wearing fenders, a transverse saddlebag and downtube shifters.

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