Dremel Tools are Dangerous

Last night was really muggy and I had some house matters to deal with, but afterwards I pulled out the parts box and tried to solve the front deraileur issue on the X bike.  Of the spares that were on hand, none provided the clearance needed between the seat tube and the tire.  After staring at things for a bit and mentally taking measurements, I decided to “customize” the one that was already on the bike.

In short, this meant destroying a 30 year old perfectly functional Shimano Deore 600 with a Dremel tool.  I ended up cutting off about an inch of the cage so that when properly positioned for the 44t ring, it would clear the chainstay.  ??????????????I bent the front plate to create a chain catcher, but it’s not supported by a connection to the rear plate.  I don’t know if I’ll need to address that later or not, since for now the shift is very smooth and accurate.

The other minor modification was to replace the allen head cable bolt with a shallower phillips head.  Between that and dropping the FD by 1/2″, there is now about 3/8″ clearance between the swingarm and the tire.  Not much, but alot better than it was.

So I’ll continue to play around and still install a Jumpstop once it arrives, but it looks like this bike is getting closer to launch.


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