Ride Report: 06.28.14

Saturday morning just proved itself to be a great morning for a longer ride, but I was concerned about overdoing it with too many hills.  That’s when the thought of cruising over to Lattimore Park popped into my head, which is a fairly level route with only a few short climbs.

Traffic was a little heavy at first, but then cleared off as I got more out into the country.  It’s proving to be “flat critter” time on the roads of central PA: flat ground hogs, flat possums, flat skunks, a concerning number of flat snakes, flat racoons, a flat red fox, and most interestingly, flat birds.  Two flat crows, a flat blue jay, and a few flat sparrows.  I spared you any pictures, and I’ve perfected holding my breath while riding, given the odor that usually accompanies a flat animal in the mid-summer heat.

When I got over to Lattimore, where I intended to stop and read for a bit, I was greeted by an antique tractor show.  It consisted of mostly old guys walking about and communing withe each other, and I’d say 100 or so old tractors, many of which were restored to pristine condition.  It was early, and there were still trucks and trailers showing up.  Within the crowd were some really old cars, some steam engines, and quite a few oddities like the lawn tractor that had been modified with a pair of car seats so Ma and Pa could cruise around together.

I have to admit that I enjoyed myself walking around snapping pictures.  Below are just a few of my favorites.

Too much time on his hands.

Too much time on his hands.

I like everything but the name.

I like everything but the name.

The color stood out - something a little different.

The color stood out – something a little different.

Still around today.

Still around today.

Oliver - my personal favorite.

Oliver – my personal favorite.

Distance: 36.6 miles  2014: 335.2


6 responses to “Ride Report: 06.28.14

  1. Thanks for the photos! I’ve pedaled right into a couple vintage tractor fests myself and quite enjoyed myself.

    • There were also quite a few homebrew contraptions that looked like half car, half tractor, and whatever else might have been laying behind the shop. I think some guys get hold of a cheap welder, then feel obligated to build stuff. I could be dangerous with such resources…

  2. Flat animals don’t smell as bad as large bloated ones (deer, dogs, whatever).

  3. True, but I think the temperatures, combined with the relatively still air, makes for a particularly ripe recipe. Anywhere between open entrails and hard shoe leather forces holding my breath, pedalling a little harder, and squinting. btw: like the blog – nice stable of ponies.

  4. I had a few experiences with critters on my ride last week also. I had to stop for deer crossing, black snakes and rattle snakes also made a few appearances. Squirrels, chipmunks, a drunk and lots of dogs kept things interesting. I was going to stop in Harrisburg on Friday again but only got as far as Carlisle and crashed there for the night.

    • Carlisle is a good waypoint – lots of biking in the region and almost as close to me as where you were last week…but no baseball stadiums.

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