Post S24O Gear Reviews and Advice Needed

After the S24O, some quick impressions:

Big Agnes Seedhouse UL1 tent.  It’s light and carries well, has just enough room, and is big enough to sit up in for changing clothes in private.  I think the rainfly could use some work with fit: its a little wonky to get it centered over the tri-angle pole assembly just right.  I also wish that it came in a camo pattern as there were a lot of potential stealth sites along the way.

Helinox Camp Chair.  Since I traveled light with most of the other gear, I was able to slide this into a pannier.  Otherwise I can strap it on the back, behind the saddle bag.  Having it along made for a much more comfortable camp where I could just sit and read and observe the goings on.  After a day of riding, and not having a picnic table or bench in the campsite, the chair proved far better.  At around 2 lb pack weight, well worth it.

Schwalbe Little Big Bens.  After my initial nightmare with the ill fitting Marathon Plus’, I was shy about going with Schwalbes again, but I had read so much good stuff about these and my Paselas were coming to the end of their useful lives.  So far, so good.  I need to play around to find the right pressure and get some more miles in, but I really like how they mount without levers and how they grip the road.  We’ll need to see how they make out for mileage and flat resistance.

I’ve used up all of my spare tubes, so I might try out Schwalbes there as well.  I’ve read a couple of places where they are more resistant to leaking.

Esbit Stove.  This is the third trip now where I left the canister stove at home and went with the Esbit and a small pot with a French Press adapter.  Perfect for an S24O where all I need is hot water.  I suppose if going out further with the potential of being away from facilities for washing up the canister system would be better, but even then I’m looking at some of the more compact stuff coming out of Primus lately and am tempted to replace my burner.  Then I could have the option of the compact stove, a small canister, and the small pot.  But for now, I’m really impressed with how handy the Esbit has become.

IMAG0057Montbell Ultralight Super Spiral #1.  Yep, I bought a second Montbell, but this one I picked up used off of CL.  I wanted a winter level bag but was going to wait to save up for a Western Mountaineering, but this one caught my eye.  It was plenty warm Saturday night where I’m guessing it hit the 50’s, without me even zipping it up.  But once I tried it, I found out why so cheap:  from the lining I figured its a 2011 model that is leaking some down around the loosening seams.IMAG0055This is where I need the advice.  I know they make a fabric seam sealer for hems and stuff.  Would that work here and would it remain plyable?  My fallback is to try some dilluted silicone solution lightly painted on the seams, but I’d make sure the solvent doesn’t eat through the lining first.

Finally, does anyone know of a small recording thermometer, about stopwatch size?  I’m looking for the type that records min and max over a 24 hour period.


2 responses to “Post S24O Gear Reviews and Advice Needed

  1. Silicone seam sealer might work. It would probably leave a kind of sticky area along the seam, though.

    “Coghlan’s Time/Temp Digital Dangler.” $10 on Amazon. Records max/min temp. I have one, but haven’t had it out in the woods yet.

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