In the past, when we’ve done an S24O at a state park, it’s usually been early in the season, or during the week.  So when I was considering riding out to Pinchot for either Friday or Saturday night, imagine my surprise to find that during the “peak” season, one must reserve for two consecutive nights over a weekend.

I understand the logic, however… Looking at the reservation map, there are a lot of sites not yet committed.  I suppose it’s possible that they will fill up by Friday, but I wonder how many sites will go unused because people only want one night?  (Like me).

The whole thing kind of settles where I’m going this weekend – off and up to Michaux on Saturday night.  Riding 37 miles each way with a humongous climb at the end is a bit more than I was hoping for, but life is an adventure.


2 responses to “Mini-Rant

  1. I have found that some state parks let hikers and bikers camp for free. I also found that I had to ask about this benefit.

    • Good point. With the skeleton staffing these days some times you can also register/pay on the honor system. If I just drop by without going through the on-line system, the chances are good that I could get in without a hassle.

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