Ride Report: 06.03.14

Another free night, at least if you ignore all of the things I should have been doing.  But this night, I decided I should be riding.

Hadn’t been over to the park in a while, so some hills were in order.  Looking at the weekend forecast and potential schedule, can you guess what I was doing in the campground?IMAG0010Not quite sure yet if this will come together given all the factors.  It could be Friday or Saturday, Pinchot, Michaux, or possibly somewhere else.  I need to consider my legs too, which aren’t really ready for anything epic.

After scouting several sites, the situation required pondering and reflection.IMAG0016With all of the discussion over saddel comfort, I don’t think the Helinox camping chair draws nearly the same level of interest.  It wins hands down.

It was another nice evening, a little warm, a little humid, but that’s how I like it.  I sat and read and communed with nature for 30 minutes, watching ducks on the water and a chipmunk within a few feet of me.IMAG0018I could hear thunder in the distance, but figured it was to the north and would miss us.  As I made my way home, some thunderheads started crossing to the east, the wind picked up, and I could smell the ammonia from the lightening.  I was still thinking that it would cross in front of me and at the worst I could wait it out on the porch of a one-room school house.

Then things got fun.IMAG0020This is maybe 4 miles out.  In about 5 minutes the sky opened up full tilt, but I decided to press on.  I had my lights on, but given the darkness and the downpour, I turned on the Superflash as well, which I rarely do.

Windy, heavy rain, lightening, darkness…It was GREAT!  I needed to flush some adrenaline through the system and just go for it.  I’d been thinking how much of a wimp I’ve been lately with not riding unless things are just right, and this cured me of that mindset.

The situation called for pushing it much harder than I otherwise would/should have, and my legs are now hamburger.  I’ve concluded that the B&M Luxos is bright enough to overcome road glare, because it worked great.  The Buddyflaps also did a good job keeping down the spray with riding through standing water.

Pulled in to the garage no worse for wear, put the bike away wet.  (I know…)  Went inside and toweled off, grabbed some dinner, and revelled in my epic evening.

Distance: 18.3 miles  2014: 148.7

In other news, a pair of Schwalbe Little Big Bens are on the way.  I started looking around for new tires and priced out different models of Schwalbes, then on a whim I did a search for used and found a guy selling an almost new pair for a good price.  They should be here by the weekend!


3 responses to “Ride Report: 06.03.14

  1. Watching the ducks and chipmunks is nice. Riding in a thunderstorm is usually not so much, but there are times when we need to be rained on to remind ourselves that nature is not out to kill us.

    • There is a scene in the movie version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest where the main character is caught in a storm, and he looks up into the sky and shouts, “Come on, show me what you’ve got!”

  2. Ha! Nature is our friend. Just like gale force wind and 12 percent graded hills.

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