Ride Report: 06.02.14

Interesting coincidence that I had it in my head to take the X bike out on a short ride after finishing up some other tasks around the house, only to go out to the garage and find the LHT with a flat rear tire.

Short ride out past Silver Lake and across Emanuel and back home.  Stopped to look at a used car since our youngest will most likely be driving by the end of summer.  Way too sporty and way too expensive.  Even with the big tires, the X bike is still easier when it comes to climbing hills.  And it’s interesting that the tires seem to provide a better ride than the LHT with the sprung saddle.

Back to the garage.  I found an intermittent leak around the valve stem.  The tube just looks old, so I’ll probably pitch it.  I used up my last 700×35-43, so I’ll need to make a trip to the shop soon.

Also, I think the Paselas are close to done.  The tread on both tires is smoothed out in the middle, but more concerning are the sidewalls which really have a tendency to degrade.  There are no holes, but they look all dry and are starting to fray.  I’ve been thinking about checking out some Schwalbes, but I’m not sure what I’m after.  Hopefully I’ll luck out with something not too tight on the rims.

Distance: 6.4 miles  2014: 130.4


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