Ride Report: 05.31.14

I need to clear out the parts bin a bit and recoup some of the cash I spent to renovate the X bike.  For the most part, the bits that I have are/were way more valuable to me at the time of purchase than they are now to anyone else.  Still, having a little pocket change v. a basement full of unused parts is a good thing.

Luck would have it that someone sprung for the BIN price on a pair of canti brakes, so my Saturday morning ride began with an errand to the local post office.IMAG0009Truly a gorgeous morning for toodling about.  I took the long way home out through Pinetown and found myself struggling on the hills.  Still, the journey to get in shape usually begins with a few hills.

Misc Miles: 4

Distance: 12 miles  2014: 124.1


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