Ride Report: 05.27.14

This is really just a bunch of errand and fitness rides.  The weather is finally starting to break, but my schedule is still pretty tight, so rides are at a premium.  There is some light at the end of the tunnel, though; so I’m hoping to get some longer treks in soon.  In the meantime, I’m riding and camping vicariously through other’s tales on the web.

I really, really need to start collecting firewood earlier this year; and the hard winter and spring has left plenty of pickings.  It will probably just come down to me being a bit more judicious with scheduling my time.

On the job front, things are now officially in limbo.  My boss was to be re-appointed last month, but the guv is pre-occupied with other things.   So she continues to serve without anything official for her second term.  That really sucks, because she could walk in one day and find out that someone else has been appointed to her job.  That would be interesting, given all of the support she has, but I won’t get into the political side of it all.

Bottom line is that if she goes, I most likely won’t be far behind.  I’m not worried, because I’ve now been around long enough that I could retire with what’s called an age penalty, but there would also be a big cash payout that would cover tuition payments for quite a while.

What’s interesting is that I half wouldn’t mind a really big career change.  I like what I’m doing, and have committed to staying if she gets the nod; but there is a part of me that would like to look for something more “meaningful”, whatever that is.

I’ve joked about it for years, but the thought of getting involved in the bike/outdoors industry has a certain appeal…

In other news, my doctor has turned a cardiologist loose on me.  At a recent checkup, I mentioned that I was having very mild dizzy spells very infrequently, and that I though it could be dehydration.  They hook me up to an EKG, and everyone gets excited.  My heart is doing something “extra.”  While deciding whether to call an ambulance or perform last rights, they dial in a cardiologist; and the first thing he asks: “Was this guy an athlete?”  Um, yup.

I have what they used to call “Rower’s Heart.”  Because of my previous training and low resting heart rate, there are parts of my heart that are very large, and parts that aren’t so large.  Those smaller parts sometimes need to catch up, so they beat at a different rate than the larger chambers.  It could be related to the dizzy spells, or not.  Either way, it’s most likely treatable, if they even need to do that.

So now I get a stress test and get to wear a “harness” for 24 hours next month.  Great fun.

Distance: 20.5 miles  2014: 110.1


2 responses to “Ride Report: 05.27.14

  1. All the best with the heart thing. I do have to say that being in the bike culture, retirement, either forced or voluntary makes for a very good life. I am doing so many bike events like the NYC 5 Boroughs, Boston Midnight Marathon and medium and long distance touring since retiring four years ago.
    Also having sons in Atlanta, Boulder and Austin allowed wifey and I to get lots of traveling annually on the cheap.
    Early retirement is the bee’s knee and you will love it if you get the chance.

    • Thanks John. While no one likes being forced into anything, I’m really not conflicted about it, given that the worst that could happen is that I would end up in a low stress job to supplement my retirement income. I’m starting to discover that some times we need a kick in the pants to really take advantage of the opportunities that are out there.
      As for the heart thing, I’m viewing that more as a nuisance; although I am curious about the stress test and what kind of numbers I can get.

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