Firefly USB Camp Light

Two separate trains of thought recently converged and the result was this purchase:  a Firefly lamp for camping.IMAG0004 The cylinder on the right is one of two USB storage batteries that I purchased last fall as a cache battery solution to use between a Garmin GPS unit and The Plug charger I had on the X bike.  You can’t see it in the pic, but there is both a full USB for output and a mini-USB for input.

What I’ve discovered is how handy these little things are, even in a non-camping setting.  I’ve recharged smartphones, tablets, and my Nook at times when there was no access to either a wall or car charger.   If carrying a phone while touring, I think you can see the obvious benefits, especially since I can recharge them off of the Luxos headlight.

The other thought had to do with having a camp light for evenings.  Typically we all either use our head-mounted lamps, or a small candle lamp.  I had been looking at both battery/LED units, and one of the butane-fired units from Primus.  The lowest price would have been $40 for a small AA powered unit.

Then I find out about the Firefly, with puts out 80 lumens (comparable to the others), has a much smaller footprint, and is powered off of USB, so no disposables to worry about.  It works as a static lamp using the flex cord, but the top “socket” also disconnects with another USB plug that can go directly into the battery, more like a flashlight.  The beam is not focused, but the increased portability is a nice feature.  If the white 80 lumens is too bright, you can swap the lens out for one of the colors included.

So for camping I’m going to eliminate the small Mag-lite flashlight that I carry, replace it with the Firefly, but still have the headlamp for a hands-free focused beam.  I carry the headlamp on the bike all of the time, just in case I need to patch a flat tire after dark.

I found the Firefly on line for $14 including shipping.  The pair of batteries were $18 from Nomerack.


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