X Bike Update

The Brooks Champion has been swapped out for the Selle Titanico.  There was nothing wrong with the Brooks, other than the shorter top tube on the frame, the Oxford bars, and combined with the short rails of the saddle, made the bike feel cramped.IMAG0014

The Selle has longer rails, which allows pushing it back quite a bit, and creates a nice relaxed feel.  I like the change.

A Trek rear rack has also made its way up from the basement.  Eventually I’ll get something beefier, and black, but I wanted something on the bike in case a last minute overnighter comes up and I can throw a pair of panniers on quick.  Fortunately it already had a light mount.

The appearance of the bike is starting to show the personality that I was after: a rough trail tourer without looking too much like a mountain bike.


3 responses to “X Bike Update

  1. I like very functional bicycles and yours hits the mark. Wonderful.

  2. thanks all. I’m eager to get her out for an expedition.

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