Planet Bike Lunch Box

A few months back I got it in my head that having a small bag near the cockpit would allow me a handy place to put electronic doo dads in while I was charging them during a ride.  It would also be a great place just to put some other small items like sunglasses and my phone.  Part of me was hesitant to add another item to an already heavily laden bike, but I figured I’d crossed that line long ago.

After shopping around I chose the PB, based on a combination of size, how it attached to the bike, and price.IMAG0006Now that I’ve had it for several weeks, I really like it, and it is as handy as I imagined it would be.  I’ve tossed in a small camera, one of those gorilla tripods, the garage door opener, and a few other things.   The only down side is that it’s up against the bell, so now I have to find a new place for that.IMAG0008It’s worked out so well I’ve even thought about moving it over to the X bike, but I haven’t sorted everything out yet.  We’ll see.


One response to “Planet Bike Lunch Box

  1. I’ve also considered getting one of those bags. They look handy to stash a variety of items.

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