Ride Report: 05.10, 11.14

In the music business, there is a joke that’s called the Rack Space Axiom.  Basically, higher end equipment racks are built “by the space”, which is 1 1/8″ by 19″.  The result is that all of the better gear is standardized to fit in a multiple of these spaces.  The Axiom is that if you buy a 12-space rack, you ultimately end up buying 12 spaces worth of expensive gear to fill your rack.  Nothing looks worse than a rack of equipment with a gap.  The last resort is to buy a spacer plate, but that just bugs the heck out of purists.

Which brings me to bikes and baskets.  The LHT now sports the Wald basket, which has proved incredibly handy: books, jackets, sweatshirts…  It seems I can’t leave the house without putting something in the basket.  So this weekend, this post-volleyball season weekend, found me taking two nice shortish rides around the area, where I had to put something in the basket before I left.IMAG0005Both times it was the Helinox chair.  I had it in my head that I would stop somewhere along a stream or wherever, set up the chair, and enjoy the view for a few moments.  But truth be told, I just didn’t have the time to lollygag, plus I was intentionally not going out for longer rides just yet.

So consider it a road test.  Both the basket and chair performed flawlessly, and the Axiom reigns strong!

Misc. miles: 6

Distance: 19.4 miles  2014: 66.8


4 responses to “Ride Report: 05.10, 11.14

  1. Doc! I have a Wald basket zip-tied to Nitto rack on the daily commuter. During today’s ride into work it held, from bottom to top, a tube and lock, a Giant cooler bag containing work clothes, towel, toiletries and lunch, and at the very top a laptop bag with computer, power supply and various work related sundries. A bungee net held it all in place. Sort of. It was piled nearly to the top of the handlebar and wiggled a bit in the rough patches.

    • I’m using the zip-tie method also – works great, but I’m not sure the NB rack with the canti-studs mount is enough for much more weight. At the very least, I might have to come up with a stronger piece of stock to bolt into the fork crown.

  2. I appreciate it, but it would probably be overkill at this point. I think a piece of thicker aluminum stock will probably keep it steady. Thx.

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