The New Xtracycle

I’ve thought for years that if I ever move to a more urban area, getting an Xtracycle or Surly Big Dummy would make a lot of sense, even to the point of going car free.  They’re just cool in how basically utilitarian they can be for so many functions, and still be a fun bike to ride.

But I more or less filed that thought away and haven’t looked at the site in years…until yesterday when I was checking links on this site.  Wow.  First is the re-engineered model with the new 20″ rear wheel that brings potential loads a little closer to the ground, and the associated hardware for carrying just about anything.  Great idea and smart engineering.ER-2014-24D-PW-FRT

Second is the model that folds in half.  One of the drawbacks of a longbike is the …length.  Storage and transport are obvious issues.  Low and behold, they have made a folder – brilliant!Screen%20Shot%202014-02-19%20at%201_12_33%20PM

My hat’s really off to these guys for taking a good product and making it better.  Continous improvement is the key.


One response to “The New Xtracycle

  1. I really have not much use for an extra cycle but have wanted one for years just because it’s such a cool bike.

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