Ride Report: 03.31.14

The weather has just been a complete mess.  After a full day of heavy rain, we get a front moving through that starts with wind and ends up dumping an inch of slush on the ground.  Finally we get a taste of spring with some warm temps, and when the wind dies down a little after dark, I take to the street.

Because my legs are really out of shape, I held back and just tootled for a few miles on the LHT.  The bike is so smooth, it’s hard not to overdo it and take off; but I managed.

When I got back I tightened up the bolt on the Brooks a few turns which improved the ride even more.  The bike needs a good spring cleaning, some lube, and a lot of miles.

I just finished reading Fast Exercise by Michael Mosely.  He had a few specials on the BBC last year, and I got turned on to intermittant fasting.  This book, in very simple terms, focuses on HIT, or High Intensity Training as the answer for getting in shape fast without a great time committment.  We used to call this interval training, however he is saying that you can do a lot less and still experience the benefits.

My plan is to continue to cruise, basically to build both an aerobic and a strength base in my legs, as well as condition my bumm; and then work in some short interval training on the bike.  Over the winter I did really well sticking to the weight training, but truly miss not having my rowing machine any more.  I might look for a replacement for next year.

Distance: 6 miles  2014: 22


2 responses to “Ride Report: 03.31.14

  1. Any day now the weather will break. That’s my prediction.

  2. …that’s what the groundhog said two months ago..

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