Cool Outfitter Shop

This past weekend we traveled to Huntingdon to watch Son#1 play some volleyball.  During a break between matches we ventured downtown to check out the sites.  They’re trying hard to capture the “college town” vibe while also taking advantage of the wilderness/tourism crowd, so there is everything from niche antique shops to open Wifi, to some trendy eateries. 

The local outfitter managed to get my attention:

fb1These Mukluks rent for $50/day.  Inside you can pull down a Pug or a Krampus, and one of the staff guys told me they’ve just started selling ECR’s.get-attachment.aspxWe talked a little bit about bike camping, and they steered me to a back room where they had some stoves and other small items.FB2All of this is tucked in with kayaks, snow boards, skis, etc…, but I’d have to say that just looking at the shop and shooting the breeze, biking, and particularly fat biking, is their specialty.

Later that evening we went to a local bar on the same street for dinner, and not only were a couple of guys from the shop there, but between all the other doo-dads on the wall and sitting around, there were a few pictures of Pugsleys.

How can you not like a shop like that?  Rothrock Outfitters = thumbs up.


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