Some Progress


The weather warmed up a little today, which allowed me to get out to the garage and clean things up a bit.  The free workspace also allowed spending some time on the X bike.

I ran the brake cables and made some adjustments, but I have to say that while the braking is satisfactory, it’s not nearly what it should be.  I’m pretty sure I’ll need to upgrade with a better V-brake that can take the Kool Stop pads.  The current pads are a hard plastic surface, and compared to the LHT, the stopping is terrible.

The fork is only held on by the stem, with no star nut yet, so I couldn’t really push things, but at this early stage I’d say the bike still has a sporty feel to it.  I’ll need to make some adjustments for shifting, but it’s close.

Next is to work out a mount for the rear light.   The front light will probably go on the handlebars like the LHT.  A Wald 137 basket is on order, along with a little cargo net.

We’ll be out of town this weekend, but with warmer weather forecast, it will be great to get back to some riding.


One response to “Some Progress

  1. Won’t be too much longer before we will be saying the weather cooled down enough to go out for a daytime ride.

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