Taking the Plunge (Again)

After giving this a lot of thought, I just ordered a pair of Soma Oxford bars for the X bike, along with a complete set of BMX levers and V brakes to match the LHT cockpit.  I’ll even be able to move over the Salmon pads.  A quick internet search this morning found some pretty good prices ($38 and $14), and I’m hoping to recoup most of the cost by selling off the Bontrager drop bars, Shimano 600 levers, and Cane Creek interrupter levers.

My goal is to change this to a “knock-around” bike for shorter rides and possibly errands.  I want to keep it light and spritely, so I don’t envision more than a front rack/basket, if even that.

I still have some decisions to make:  Should I keep the current Vittoria Randonneurs and fenders on it, or switch them over to the Marin.  Then I would mount the Kenda knobbies back on this, without any fenders, and have something for trails.  If I do that, I might have to change the front derailleur, because I seem to remember it being a little tight when these tires were on it before.  They’re also a little tight against the seat tube, but I’m not looking at a lot of mud riding.

If I do mount a front rack and basket, then I have to come up with a different light mount.  And I really don’t like the rear rack/light set-up now, so some sort of frame clamp for that light is in order.

Finally, I’m hoping that the different position won’t be so much different that the Champion Flyer no longer is suitable.  I love that thing, but the thought of another B67 is out there.

More to come as the parts arrive.  I love winter projects.


3 responses to “Taking the Plunge (Again)

  1. I have a B67 on my commuter/winter bike. I had it on the touring bike but it didn’t work out. On the beater though……perfect

  2. I have a B72 that I’m not using. You’re welcome to try it out if the flyer doesn’t work out.

    • Thanks. I’m eager to see how it all fits together. I’ve decided I’m going with the knobbies and fenderless for the build.

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