Winters are Back

I think for the last 20 years we have been missing winters.  The old fart in me remembers when the Susquehanna froze solid every January and there was a least one story a week of some yahoo walking across on the ice.  As for snow, I seem to remember shoveling a lot more, and more often.  It actually made sense to own a snowblower.

So here we are, with another storm.  Seems to me that we’re just getting back to normal.

But if this keeps up, I might trade the X bike in on a Pugsley!


5 responses to “Winters are Back

  1. Frigid here. The last thing I want to do is go out for a bike ride.

  2. We are getting a moderate storm here. 8-10″ of snow. Fortunately it’s cold which will keep the snow light and easy to clear.

  3. We’re supposed to get 5-7″ here, which is moderate. I subscribe to the biking philosophy that there is no such thing as bad weather…just inappropriate clothing; although I don’t always practice it.

  4. I have been mulling over the idea of a fatbike. Of course, the minute I get one, winter will end for another 20 years.

    • I have the same concern. I think if I had the coin to take the plunge, it would be something like the Krampus/ECR, which would make more sense for off roading, beach riding, and snow.

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