Ride Report: 12.02.13

‘took the X bike out to Heck Hill Road, then over to the Observatory.  There was a good chill in the air, but I had the clothing dialed in pretty well with mid-weight wool and a lighter jacket.  I also went with the helmet over a balaclava.

The more I ride this bike, the less I like the front gearing.  There is too much of a drop from the outer ring to the middle.  I think there will be some changes next spring.  It also sounds like the BB needs greased.

The cache battery setup seems to be working with the GPS and Plug.  The GPS is definitely taking power from the battery, but I can’t tell if the battery is charging off of the bike.  I think the next step is to purposefully drain the battery down a bit by charging my phone beforehand, and then run the works without the GPS plugged in.  Theoretically, the battery charging indicator should be lit until it is topped off.  That would then confirm that all is well.

‘nice night for a ride.

Distance: 12 miles  2013:  1147.8


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