Ride Report: 11.29.13

A day off, the sun is out, and any projects can wait till the afternoon.  This morning was an actual ride in the country.  Major toodling.

Rode over to Upper Allen Park and watched the dog walker watching me.  Checked out the creek and the hiking trail.IMAG0014and the LHT is now sporting a permanent set of mudflaps.  Nothing fancy, just basic utilitarian black.  $12 = Buddyflaps.IMAG0018Headed over to McCormack Road and explored on the other side, where there are some smaller lanes that end up on Ridge Road.  A few of the driveways off of those lanes have gates with cameras and speakers.  With the leaves off of the trees you can just about make out some of the homes…wow.IMAG0022It was as cold as it looks – low 30sF.  There was a small herd of deer checking me out right around the corner from home.  I suspect they’ll be busy in a week or so.

Tomorrow is a trip to visit my side of the family, but Sunday might have a ride in store if I can get some log splitting done.

Distance: 16.3 miles  2013: 1135.8


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