Christmas Must be Coming!

IMAG0001There is something about the Campmor catalog that just appeals to me.  No gloss newsprint, no photos – only drawings, and the sheer volume.  Certainly a campers paradise.

There is a tremendous selection, although not what I would call top tier, but still…good enough most of the time.  They especially have a wide range of clothing options.

I like to keep an eye out on their sales.  Every so often a really great deal crops up.  They have managed to get the corner on Google pop ups and those “personalized” ads that show up when I’m surfing other pages.

If the drawings aren’t good enough for you, just check out the web site that actually has pictures.  Still, I hope they keep the catalogs coming – they just have a certain appeal that will never be lost.


3 responses to “Christmas Must be Coming!

  1. I also love their catalog, but the tiny format and tiny type no longer appeals to my aging eyes. But still, if you know what you’re looking for, their prices are good.

  2. I remember getting the Sears and JC Pennys catalogs every November. They would usually have a page or two of bikes for mail order.

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