Ride Report: 11.05.13

Last night called for taking out the X bike and blasting around some local streets.  It was great fun, and I was also experimenting with a cache battery that I had rigged up between the Plug and the Garmin.

This is a terrible picture, but you might be able to sort it out.  The battery is a small cylinder duct taped to the spacers under the stem.  There’s a USB to mini-USB/phone cable running from the Plug on the stem to the battery.  Then there is a USB to mini-USB to the Garmin.IMAG0024Normally a green LED would be constantly on if running direct from the Plug to the Garmin, but last night it would just blink every few seconds.  The battery also has an LED, whereby it is red and on constantly when accepting a charge.  That was only blinking every few seconds with the Plug LED.

Because I hooked everything up before I turned on the Garmin, I had no indicator telling me if it was accepting an outside charge – that’s my next step.  I know the battery is working because I’ve charged my phone once off of it, as well as the Nook a few times.  Perhaps I need to see how it responds with only a partial charge.

The batteries are 2400 mAh, and I got two, with USB to USB mini/phone, all for $18 on line.  I’ll probably pick up more as gifts since it seems there are always low-battery phones around our house.

The other issue this morning is my neck.  I’m not used to spending time with the drop bars any more, so there is no strength in those muscles.  Obviously something I need to address.

Distance: 9.1 miles  2013: 1089.0


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