Ride Report: 11.04.13

Finally…I managed to get out for a few miles.  Given the temperature, double layers of clothing proved effective, and may have been too warm if the ride were longer.

Last week the pain in my shoulder was steadily getting worse.  On Friday I had trouble raising my arm above my head, so I broke down and called the doctor.  He diagnosed it as an inflamed bursa sac, and proceeded to pull out a very large needle filled with steroids and aim for my shoulder with an evil grin.  I started noticing the difference that evening, and today I’d say I’m at 85%; and thinking that some light weight lifting might help loosen things up even more.

I also got a flu shot, which I do every year.  It’s hard to say, but Saturday I felt like crap.  It may have been the shot, or it may have been a virus that seems to be making the rounds.  I tried to go on a ride, but ended up turning around and cutting it short.  By Sunday I was starting to feel better.

So the cold weather gear is getting sorted out, along with tuning up both bikes for night riding.  Maybe I can make up some of my lost miles from the summer through the end of the year.

Distance: 12 miles  2013: 1079.9


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