Ride Report: 10.24.13

3.8 miles.  That’s about it, but it’s more than I rode any day in recent history, and it’ll have to do.  The other night I had some energy, some time, and the weather was cooperating, so I took out the LHT and did a few laps.  My fitness is toast, which makes me think I need to start over to return to shape.  Fortunately my weight has remained stable.

The big deal is my job.  Just before my furlough was to become effective, I landed a job where I can remain with the state.  It’s out of my comfort zone, but it gives me a chance to pound on doors while I try to get back into HR.  Fortunately, my boss and I are up front about all of this and she’s good with it.  All I’m going to say is that it pays to help people out whenever you can, because you never know when you might need the favor returned.

So things are good for now…It’s just that I’m no longer the expert and I’m no longer in charge.  There is a part of me that thinks that is a good thing; at least for a little while.

Once things solidified, I took a few days off and got a good start on the firewood supply.  I’ve been getting some decent workouts cutting and splitting trees and driving my truck through all kinds of wilderness.  It’s work, but it’s fun.

I have to take a break from weight lifting for a bit.  I’ve managed to develop a sharp pain in my right shoulder, and everything I’m reading points to my rotator cuff.  There’s a checkup scheduled for next month, but I might have to move things up if I don’t feel any improvement soon.  ‘shame, cause I was putting up some big weight last few workouts.

Random notes:  I need to wash my mid-weight wool biking sweater.  It smelled a bit funky when I pulled it out of the box to ride the other night.  I was also real close to the lower temperature limit of my C-dale tights, and I’m not sure if I should layer over or under them.

It seems more and more the LHT is my go-to bike and the X bike sits.  ‘need to change that.

Distance: 3.8 miles  2013:  1034.2


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