Ride Report: 10.01.13

Got out for another nice ride after dark, with the intent of steadily pushing up the miles.  With weather like we’ve been having, it’s been really tempting to keep going, but I don’t want to overextend myself to the point where I miss the opportunity for another ride because my legs are sore.

The trip took me down to Lisburn and then back along Moore’s Mountain Road with a short detour into South Ridge for a loop.  It was a great ride, but we really need a hard frost at some point because the bugs along the creek after dark are overwhelming.  I’ll need to consider that while choosing night routes for the near future.

Coming down Siddonsburg Road I was admiring the Luxos beam when I spotted an LED lamp coming my way.  Turned out to be another biker with a helmet mounted rig.  We exchanged hello’s as we passed on the otherwise dark stretch of road.

Distance: 12 miles  2013: 993.9


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